***All meats except for prepackaged patties are sold by the pound. When placing your order you may be selecting the number of cuts for steaks or the number of pounds for ground meats. After weighing your cuts you will receive an updated invoice for the actual amount based on actual weight***

Ungraded Farm Eggs (Pastured Free Range 1 doz)$5.00
Bottom Round Roast$7.00
Beef Cheek Meat$10.99
Chuck Roast$7.00
Cutlet Tenderized (Chicken Fry)$7.50
Fajita Meat (Marinated)$10.00
Fajita Meat (No Marinade)$9.00
Filet Mignon (sliced/medallion tenderloin)$22.00
Beef Side$1,000.00
Ground Beef$6.50
Hamburger Patties 1/3 lb. each (4 pack)$9.00
Hamburger Patties 1/2 lb. each (4 pack)$14.00
Beef Heart$5.99
Beef Liver$5.99
Ox Tail$4.99
Ribeye Steak (Tomahawk)$15.00
Short Ribs$6.00
Rump Roast$7.00
Sirloin Steak$11.00
Sirloin Tip Roast$7.99
Soup Bones$4.00
Stew Meat$7.25
T-Bone Steak$14.00
Tenderloin (whole beef uncut)$22.00
Beef Tongue (Lingua)$6.99
Broiler Chickens$3.50
Apple Bratwurst$7.99
Mango Habanero Bratwurst$7.99
Breakfast Pan Sausage$6.99
Breakfast Pan Sausage Patties$6.99
Pork Chops$7.00
Pork Ribs$6.99
Pork Shoulder Roast$5.99
Pork Shoulder Steak$5.99
Sliced Ham (Smoked + Cured)$5.99
Smoked Ring Sausage (Regular)$7.99
Smoked Ring Sausage (Jalapeno + Cheese)$7.99
Pecans (Shelled) 16oz halves$10.00
Pecans (Shelled) 8oz halves$6.00
Pecans (Shelled) 16oz pieces$9.50
Pecans (Shelled) 8oz pieces$5.50
Pecans (In Shell) 3#$16.50
Pecans (In Shell) 5#$27.50
Pecans (In Shell) 50#$275.00
BlueBonnet Beef Koozies$4.50
BlueBonnet Hats$20.00
BlueBonnet T-Shirts Men's Small$20.00
BlueBonnet T-Shirts Men's Medium$20.00
BlueBonnet T-Shirts Men's Large$20.00
BlueBonnet T-Shirts Men's XL$20.00